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Digex Co. is a reliable partner who will help you to gain competitive advantages.

We are a company with a huge IT market experience. We know what you need and how your needs are better to be realized.

Our team consists of approved professionals with an experience of large projects who also continue to increase their competence and skills level.

Digex Co considers each project as a unique chance to develop a long-term partnership with our clients.

About company

Our Mission

Being an innovative company, we consider our mission as providing a maximal skill with minimal costs.

We will save your time and capital using automatized processes offering competitive market prices.

To act according our mission, we provide constant control for our specialists’ work.

Our mission

Place where talents work

All Digex Co employees are professionals approved by world sphere leaders. This is the best proof of their work quality and uniqueness.

We have all specialists to make your project distinctive and qualitative: IT-engineers with huge development experience, qualified Business Analysts, Data Engineers, Mobile Developers, QA Engineers and many other professionals.


Yury Akinin
Yury Akinin
Chief Executive and Business Officer
Yury Akinin is a software & technology management professional with more than 15 years of experience in software development and products/services development. Yury is an experienced consultant. He is majoring in technology, business and operations in areas such as digital health, fintech, food technology, logistics, travel, education and even more.

Prior to founding Digex Co. Yuri was Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Global Supplies and co-founder of Quantori LLC. This company provides intelligent information technology and data processing solutions for life sciences and healthcare.

He was Director of Program and Delivery Management at EPAM Systems in St. Petersburg, Head of Human Resources, and managed a division of over 2,000 engineers.

Yuri was also a co-founder and business consultant at Binwell Ltd. providing mobile/web development services for enterprise level clients.

Maksim Emuranov
Maksim Emuranov
Chief Operating Officer
Maksim Emuranov’s professional activity spans more than 10 years of experience in business management and sales.

Before joining Digex Co as Chief Operating Officer, Maksim was Head of Workforce Planning and Management at Quantori, a U.S.-based pharmaceutical and healthcare software company.

It was under Maksim’s leadership that human resources were efficiently managed and employees were properly prepared to work on various projects in order to achieve maximum results.

Maksim’s experience is varied and also includes several years in the sales department of one of Russia’s largest investment companies “Otkritie Broker” and sales management at “Sberbank First” (VIP).
Maksim Emuranov is a graduate of St. Petersburg State University with a degree in Economics.

Irina Savina
Irina Savina
Executive Director
Irina started out as a project manager in 2015, then grew to administrative manager and then to administrative director.

At Digex Co. Irina handles paperwork, works with clients, deals with tenders, and acts as an executive director. Irina also has experience as an office manager and technical support specialist.

Irina is a mathematician with a degree. In her free time, Irina enjoys reading and actively spends time outdoors, riding a bike and rollerblading.

Daniil Belonin
Daniil Belonin
Vice President of Project Management Office
Daniil started his career in 2005 as a trainee programmer at Motorola. Within the first few years he successfully grew as a C, C++, C#, Java developer. From about 2007 he began combining development with the role of project manager. During 2009, after leaving the company, he successfully realized his potential as an executive in the business.

In 2010 Daniil moved to Canada and started from scratch as a programmer, and a year later was already managing a test team, conducting POC and consulting clients on the product. In 2012 Daniil returned to Russia, where he continued his activities as a project manager.

Over the past 10 years he has worked for companies such as Motorola, Crystal Service, EPAM Systems, and Quantori LLC. He has shown consistently high performance while working at each of those. The distinctive feature of his approach is systematic: effective combination of theory and practical experience, understanding of psychology and social technologies of people interaction, client focus and careful consideration of risks.

Daniil has a PMP certificate and a diploma with honors from the Tallinn School of Management according to V.K. Tarasov’s system.

Elena Prokhorova
Elena Prokhorova
Chief Marketing and PR
Elena joined the internet marketing industry for about 6 years. From her first position as a content manager in a medical organization where she was engaged in content and website advertising, Elena then moved to a company, skilled in Internet marketing, where she gained experience.

Prior to joining the Digex Co. team, she worked as an Internet security marketer, and thanks to her, the position of the company’s website rose to the top of the index, thereby increasing the number of requests for IS audits.

Traveling around Asia is one of Elena’s main hobbies.

David Davoyan
David Davoyan
Director of Sales, RU region
David has more than ten years of experience in sales. Over this time he has been rewarded for high results and given certificates of merit as the most effective salesman in his region.

This experience has taught him to value his time and those he works with. As David often mentions: “The best calling card is the reputation”.

Associates who work with him value him for his honesty and openness in his work.

Before working at Digex Co, David was an investor in the DreamBox and TotalLab projects and worked in the largest banks in Russia.

David loves playing hockey and also loves his son, Mark.

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