Our leadership

Digex Co. Chief Executive Officer

Yury Akinin

Yury Akinin is the CEO of Digex Co., a transnational IT company offering premium IT services across the globe. Yury's professional path began when he became the director of operations, global deliveries vice-president, and co-founder of Quantori LLC, which offered solutions in IT and data processing in healthcare and biosciences.

Afterward, he became a program delivery director in EPAM Systems in St. Petersburg, then switched to the CHRO position, where he expanded the engineering staff from 300 to 2000 members, and later managed the engineering department.

Yury also was a co-founder and business consultant in Binwell Ltd, which offered mobile and web development services for corporate customers.

In the year 2021, Yury decided to combine his experience in digital development with corporate knowledge of procedures and standards, thus founding Digex Co.

Yury Akinin is an expert in technology and program management fields. He has more than 20 years of experience in software and IT products and services development. He is a seasoned consultant specializing in tech, business, and operations in digital healthcare, FinTech, FoodTech, logistics, travel, education, and others.
Chief Executive Officer
Maxim was the Head of Workforce Planning and Management in Quantori, an American software developer for the pharma and healthcare industries.
Chief Operating Officer
Maxim Emuranov
Dmitriy Fedorov
Technical director
For more than 15 years, Dmitriy works in software development, creating safe, reliable, scalable, serviceable, testable web apps and services/APIs with the help of microservice architecture.
Elena Homyakova
She specializes in contract development, both domestic and international, contractual schemes and regulations for business management, law expertise, and deal support, including on digital marketplaces.
Sophia Izotova
Personal Manager
Sophia is experienced in working with international state accounts and has a strong interest in IT.
Mikhail Panov
Chief Commercial Officer
Mikhail Panov’s track record in sales and marketing is over 10 years. He develops varied selling systems and looks for company growth points.
Elena Kornya
Chief Financial Officer
Strategic planning, information system management, cost control, and reporting are all within her sphere of responsibility.
Evgeny Ladzin
Тендер- менеджер
Evgeny Ladzin has been engaged in tendering for over 14 years with the last 3 years being devoted mostly to IT (software and ancillary services development).