Project for JSC “Group Renaissance Insurance”

JSC “Group Renaissance Insurance” is a large universal Russian insurance company, which belongs to the category of systemic Russian insurance companies.

Renaissance Insurance is the market leader in direct insurance in Russia in 2010, 2011. The media activity of the company roughly corresponds to the scale of business – in 2011-2019. Company steadily occupies the 9-13 lines of the rating “In the Spotlight”.

In 2016 the rating agency “Expert RA” assigned to the insurance company “Renaissance Insurance Group” the rating ruA (“high level of reliability”), rating outlook – positive (the first rating A++ was assigned to the company in 2002).

Partners in reinsurance are such companies as: RNPK, as well as international companies Swiss Re, Munich Re, Hannover Re.

Our specialists developed the SaveDrive client service for IOS and Android.

It’ s an application that tracks driving safety using the data received from the telematics device installed on the car and which is intended for drivers who have MTPL or CASKO insurance.

Application purpose

The app encourages drivers to be more respectful on the road and encourages them to drive more responsibly.

In addition to the basic functionality, the app has a number of mini-games with instructions for practicing attention, reaction, stress and driving fatigue to improve the quality of driving.

Mobile app for Renaissance Insurance


All the data from the telemetry devices was processed by the REST SOAP protocol and then sent to the mobile application. Collected data were used to calculate the rating of users in the form of points (from 1 to 10).

App for Renaissance Insurance

The rating was used for bonuses and discounts available for the purchase of MTPL and CASCO policies in the company’s offices.  Progress on games was stored locally in the database of the mobile application and transferred to the Back-End on request.

For the implementation of the CI/CD pipeline we used the technology of the cloud service from Microsoft – AppCenter to organize frequent deliveries, testing and publishing.

Automated UI tests were also implemented as part of the mobile app development, to simplify regression and Smoke testing. AppiumAppCenter bundle was used for this purpose, the tests themselves were written in Java.