Project “Svyaznoy Travel”

“Svyaznoy” is a Russian company, a federal retail chain, which specializes in the sale of personal communications equipment, smartphones, portable digital audio and photo equipment, services of cellular operators, financial services, providers of wired Internet access, and accessories.

“Svyaznoy Travel” and “Cstore” projects, the “Kukuruza” loyalty program, and the online store are also part of the company.

“Svyaznoy Travel” is one of the projects of “Svyaznoy Group”, combining several services for travelers, such as purchasing railway, air and bus tickets. In 2015 “Svyaznoy Travel’s” turnover grew by 25% year-on-year to 8.7 billion rubles. The share of online sales was 65%.

In 2018 the service “Svyaznoy Travel” started selling organized tours.

Digex Co. developed a mobile service for “Svyaznoy” company to easily search and buy airline tickets. The service is available on iOS, Android and WindowsPhone.

Svyaznoy Travel

“SVYAZNOY TRAVEL” helps to travel

Functions of the Svyaznoy Travel applications

  • Quick flight search, handy filters and selections that help you quickly find the right flight.
  • Thousands of options for the cheapest and most comfortable flights, selection of the best prices for the nearest date (function “Price Dynamics”).
  • Buying tickets via a mobile app or booking to pay by card or cash at Svyaznoy.
  • The app helps you find the best flight options based on your criteria: destination, date, number of passengers, class.
  • Ability to fine-tune your search manually with filters.
  • The ability to buy or book tickets for further payment at Svyaznoy.
  • You can add interesting variants of the tickets to the “Favourites” and continue the search later.
  • On the service card you can visit the “Svyaznoy” shops to buy the booked tickets.
  • Payment with plus points under the “Svyaznoy Club” program and bonus points for the purchase.
  • Real-time ticket and reservation tracking.
  • Online communication with support for any questions about the flight.
  • Bookings and passport data are synchronized on the site and in the app, as well as between devices.
  • Passenger information and options are saved in “Favorites” for future trips.
  • Trip details can be shared with other participants via E-mail or SMS.
  • A user-friendly procedure for returning or exchanging tickets.