Project for TECHNONICOL Corporation

TECHNONICOL Corporation is an international leading manufacturer of robust and efficient building construction materials & systems. Its products are designed and manufactured by the company’s own R&D centers and the most advanced worldwide experience in this field.

Among the Russian manufacturers, the TECHNONICOL corporation was one of the first who began to focus on such issues as training builders on innovative technologies and the peculiarities associated with the use of new materials.

Our team implemented a cross-platform application from scratch to simplify the work of the Company’s logistics employees.

Application development tasks

The task was to develop two mobile applications for a driver and a dispatcher.

At the time of the trip, the driver had to record the data and send the waybills and miscellaneous documents to the dispatcher using the program.

For his part, the dispatcher was able to select requests for transportation, assign drivers, and give information on the execution of the process.

App for dispatcher

So what did we get?

We have created a set of mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

We’ve also developed client’s back-end integration, as well as a documentation package: applications specifications, test cases based on client’s requirements and in the end we’ve done App/API tests.

Our Dev-Ops pipeline powered by the AppCenter was used on the project.

A team of highly qualified specialists worked on the project: Middle QA Engineer, Senior Business Analyst, etc.