With a clear vision for your next project – and no time to waste, Digex Co. uses compact, cross-functional teams to move Agile development projects forward quickly while avoiding wasteful practices. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, using efficient and sustainable Agile methods to deliver high-quality, elegantly designed solutions faster.


Digex Co.’s agile software development and consulting services can help you surprise your end users by creating highly innovative and compelling products with rapid time-to-market. We excel in providing cloud migration or new product development services. Our team works with well-chosen open source technologies to create high-performance, secure and scalable cloud applications. We follow domain design (DDD) and development through testing (TDD) as standard processes in all our projects.


Agile development services:

  • Agile strategy and consulting.
  • Agile corporate strategy and implementation.
  • Agile coaching and mentoring.
  • Implementation of a fit-for-purpose scrum team model – blended, autonomous and distributed.
  • Setting up and operationalizing core teams to provide core services such as architecture, automated quality assurance, and DevOps.
  • Setting up dashboards to track release planning, workflow, sprints, and outstanding work management using tools such as Jira.

Agile practices

  • Backlog refinement, sprint planning, daily speeches and sprint retrospectives.
  • Coach and mentor on best practices such as pair programming, virtual standups, communication and management strategies.
  • Implement best-in-class agile development techniques such as TDD, CI / CD with automation, static code analysis, refactoring, release automation and continuous monitoring.
  • Best practices such as Scrum of Scrums for enterprise scaling (SAFe, DAD).
  • Integrate overall program and portfolio management with daily agile practices.
  • Generate and track an effective set of metrics.


  • Speed up your development cycle and deliver software solutions faster with our Agile development services.
  • Improve, customize and expand your Agile practices with our pragmatic team and their experience.
  • Increase collaboration, communication, and integration among your employees with our future-proof services to unleash the potential of Agile.
  • Evaluate your end-to-end Agile program and get thorough guidance from our experienced Agile professionals.


  • Agile training for your whole team. Agile works well when the whole team uses it. Whether your teams include developers, content creators, marketers, designers, or accountants.
  • On-the-job training. We share key Agile principles and then implement them by working on one of your current projects with your team.
  • Visible results. Experience the power of MVP and incremental release to create useful project deliverables faster. Both your team and your customers will like this.
  • Qualified and experienced engineers. Our staff has all the necessary certifications, but the most rewarding thing for you is our experience in leading the project behind a successful project in an agile manner.
  • Practical Approach. 70% of the Agile methodology is common sense, and your people will naturally learn it. The other 30% is the tricks and tools that make it all work together, and we’ll share ours with you.
  • Do it FOR you or do it WITH you? It’s up to you whether you want us to implement an Agile project for you or train your people on a live project. Either way, we’ll take the same approach and give you great results.

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Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help you!




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