Hidden under the hood and away from the eyes of the user, it is the server part that makes the software work and ultimately serves as the basis for reliable user interaction.

Without a high-quality server part, software can’t work the way the user expects it to.

Digex Co. specializes in providing high-quality server part development services for startups and large companies alike, creating solutions that help you realize your plans, get your product to market faster, and ultimately increase your revenue.

Our qualified development team specializes in providing high-quality server services for various enterprises. We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in a wide range of programming languages and technologies.

In our custom server-side web development, we focus on the following points:

  • Performance – We place great emphasis on providing the level of performance needed to adequately interact with the user. Our developers have extensive hands-on experience with databases and optimizing them, which allows us to help our customers choose the right database and bring its performance up to the standards our customers have come to expect.
  • Scalability – On-demand scalability is critical for any SaaS application, and our in-house developers are always creating solutions that can be easily scaled as needed.
  • Security – The key insights we have into cybersecurity, system controls and low-level programming make us very effective in creating secure solutions. Our in-house web development team will be able to integrate the necessary security according to your requirements and industry best practices without any compromise in performance or user experience.


We always keep up with the latest trends and adhere to best practices to deliver the highest quality optimized code.

We use the following technologies:


Unleash the potential of your web application with our server solutions.

  • Back End Development. We develop our own server parts for simpler or more complex web applications as well as systems that collect, manage and process data from various sources. Our developers implement robust security features and create a nice administrator interface that makes it easy to manage various settings and configurations.
  • Back End Refactoring. Our backend specialists have extensive experience in upgrading existing web application server systems without losing client components. Our developers can modify your backend system to provide improved performance without changing the external behavior of your backend code.
  • Cloud Migration. We can help you migrate your server systems to the cloud, whether public, private or hybrid. Offering you a wide range of cloud computing services, we provide comprehensive support for the migration of your server systems. You can rely on us to successfully migrate your server systems to the cloud.

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