These days, software development companies must constantly refine and update the software they have created. In order to greatly facilitate the process of software development and operation, an established remote access to the system is required.

Cloud solution development keeps the software environment more efficient, greatly reducing both time and financial costs of development.


As a result, the effective development of cloud technology has a positive impact on all areas of the company.

We have professionals that can help you establish many processes thanks to a variety of effective tools:

  • Competent work on the code at all stages of project creation.
  • Constant monitoring of service performance and quick troubleshooting.
  • Gradual integration into all areas of the company, allowing for a better interaction experience.
  • Testing of released solutions to identify any business risks.
  • Deployment of new features required by users.
  • Global design of the infrastructure in the company.
  • Continuous and timely feedback.
DevOps Platform


  • Assessment and planning. To begin, our engineers will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure, applications and processes. Using a thorough analysis of your IT infrastructure and business objectives, we will plan your migration to the cloud according to your most important business priorities and organizational capabilities.
  • Migration. Some of your existing applications can simply be re-hosted on the cloud infrastructure without any code changes. This strategy can benefit organizations that need to migrate legacy workloads from their data centers to meet a certain deadline, or simply those who want to move quickly to the cloud in the least complicated way. While the incremental approach doesn’t reveal the greater capabilities, cost effectiveness and value of the cloud, it can be the first step in the cloud transformation, followed by gradual application optimization and more in-depth use of cloud services.
  • Application modernization (Re-engineering). Re-engineering involves more profound changes to the application architecture and code, such as converting a monolithic application into a microservice (or serverless) architecture to allow it to evolve over time and/or facilitate its integration with other systems. This approach performs deeper integration with cloud capabilities and services, helping to maximize flexibility, agility and scalability.
  • Cloud solution development. Cloud-based systems that leverage the full capabilities of the cloud achieve optimal scalability, cost efficiency and agility (the ability to change quickly to test ideas and respond to opportunities).Cloud solutions are typically built as microservices, packaged in containers or using serverless architectures, and managed with agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows. Our company develops and delivers cloud solutions that can achieve critical business outcomes for our clients. Our team also helps improve the skills of employees within the customer’s company by implementing cloud competencies, modern automation tools and DevOps tools, and technical best practices.


Digex Co. has hundreds of certified cloud experts and extensive partnerships with all major cloud service providers.

Utilizing our approach and extensive technical expertise, we can help you develop and implement a cloud strategy to achieve critical results for your business.

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