Your website consists of several layers – structure, data design, content, and functionality. Everything you click, interact, and customize on a website is user interface design. This user-centered functionality is designed by the frontend developer. The frontend developer uses a combination of client-side scripts as well as frameworks and markup languages to create an environment in which you can experience the aura of content, layout, and interaction.

At this point, creating any web application is impossible without interface development, so the interface is one of the most important parts of the web development process on par with the backend. Before the backend handles client requests, those requests are handled by interface scripts.


We offer:

  • Front-end development, architecture and design
  • Reworking of existing front-end for modern technologies
  • Assessment and performance optimization of existing front-end
  • Front-end prototyping
  • Front-end VR & AR
  • Mobile UX/UI design and development
  • Extension of client’s Front-end team with our specialists
Front End разработка


React JS

React JS.

Developed by Facebook, React JS was originally released in 2013. Facebook uses React widely in its products (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp). The current stable version is 17.X, released in October 2020 (with minor incremental updates since then).

Angular JS

Angular JS.

Developed by Google, it was first released in 2010. It is a JavaScript framework based on TypeScript. A significant shift occurred in 2016 with the release of Angular 2 (and dropping the “JS” from the original name, AngularJS). Angular 2+ is known simply as Angular. The latest stable version is Angular 11, released in November 2020.

Vue JS

Vue JS.

It was developed by former Google employee Evan You in 2014. Vue’s popularity has changed significantly over the past three years. The current stable version is 3.0, released in September 2020 (since then, there have been several small additional releases). Vue contributors are supported by Patreon. It should be noted that Vue 3 is currently in its own GitHub repository and has moved to TypeScript.


Ordering frontend development with our team means significant savings in cost, time, high-quality software, working ahead of schedule, access to the best talent and focusing on more important tasks, while our team takes full responsibility for the development process.

In fact, our developers have over 10 years of experience in creating complex web interfaces with abundant user interfaces. They will take full responsibility for the development while you focus on growing your business.

Frontend development services are one of the most important aspects of any application / product and we guarantee you the best product usability – a totally intuitive user interface that reflects the real business data.

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