IoT experts identify approaches to provisioning, offer acceptance services for continuous data flow that will effectively optimize gateway devices to improve both business operations and service delivery.

It allows business equipment to operate automatically and independently without human interference, which contributes to dramatically increased productivity at an incredibly low cost. However, And so, to counter business disruptions in between companies need experienced experts to effectively incorporate this method into their operations.


IoT devices and sensors collect data that can provide useful information. However, most organizations struggle to understand how IoT can improve their business and they require assistance in launching IoT initiatives.

An IoT initiative can reduce company costs, streamline processes and gain unique insight into the business.

Our consultants analyze the vast amounts of data generated by smart devices and use purpose-built software as the foundation for your IoT environment.

Консалтинг в области интернета-вещей


Typical consulting services include:

  • Identify potential use cases: IoT consultants can observe your business activities, determine exactly the places where your business can use IoT. Along with this, they identify the most effective ways to integrate the IoT into existing business processes, new ventures, and productivity efforts.
  • Developing an IoT strategy: Implementing a service requires developing a strategy, a framework that helps businesses throughout the process.
  • Research, development and prototyping: The Internet of Things is still an emerging technology. Research and development or proof of concept is needed to determine the benefits and challenges of a particular technological approach.
  • Recommendations from hardware and software suppliers: their experience in the field allows them to know the best products on the market. They help companies simply by sharing their knowledge of the topic.

By ordering an IoT consulting service from Digex Co. our Customers get solutions that help create smart devices connected to the Internet and sharing data.

For us, it’s all about collaboration and solutions. Our Clients turn to us for ideas, and we implement them for both small and large projects, ultimately demonstrating how you will improve your ROI and get tangible business benefits.

You can order IoT consulting in our company. We have a lot of experienced specialists in various IT spheres.

Digex Co is a professional with a long experience in development, testing and business processes automatizing. We help such companies as SbermarketMAY and Technonikol. If you want to order IoT consulting service – email us: Also you can contact us by a convenient way in Contacts section.

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