Manual software testing, or QA, consists in creating user scenarios and test cases, which are then run manually in order to detect potential defects.

This is completely human-based, without involving any automation techniques.

Our team is happy to offer you both manual and software automation QA. You will need the former to detect and fix bugs at the initial stage of product development, while the latter will help you test a large amount of data.

Types of Manual Testing

There are quite a few manual QA types, and Digex Co. works with all of them. The most popular ones include:

  • Component testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Regression testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Alpha and beta testing
Виды ручного тестирования

In addition, we offer manual testing for mobile apps, acceptance documentation, web apps, and more. Deadlines, scope of work, methodologies, and costs are all agreed upon at the earliest stages of our cooperation with a customer.

Which Industries and Companies May Need Our Manual Testing Services?

Functional testing may well be required by any public or commercial companies, ranging from mid to large size.

Our manual QA team’s services will come in especially handy for:

  • Online stores: Software functional testing, regression testing after implementing new features, test coverage for early issue detection
  • Web services: Full time testing with a methodology based on the customer requirements
  • Banks and other financial institutions: Full time or part time web testing fully covered with detailed reports
  • Insurance companies: Mobile app manual testing
  • News and social media: Browser and mobile based layout testing

Whatever your domain is, our manual testing services will assist you in improving your software products in a timely manner and at a competitive price.

Our tools for manual testing

Our QA Engineers use further tools:

  • Charles Web Debugging Proxy;
  • Fiddler;
  • TestRail;
  • Postman.

Spheres and scripts of manual testing

These are the spheres and scripts which are the most preferable for manual type

  • Researching testing. QA Engineers usually do not include it in testing plan. This testing means simultaneous project review, design and functionality check and test cases creation. The efficiency of this testing type depends on QA Engineers who had the experience on platform or application checkup. Their knowledge of accumulation and risks for project type will be always useful for research testing.
  • Special testing. There is no determined approach for that. It means that this process cannot be automatized. The only factor which can help there is the experience and skills of QA Engineers.
  • GUI testing. Graphics user interface checkup shows how does it work. QA specialists also check how user-friendly is the application. That is why manual approach is more appropriate there.

Our tools for manual testing

Our team always use a customized and individualized approach when it comes to a new project. However, the manual testing process is more or less similar at a high level, and includes the following stages:

  • Collecting and researching requirements
  • Developing a test strategy
  • Creating test cases
  • Running tests
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Project delivery

How Much Does Manual Testing Service Cost?

The cost is calculated on a case by case basis and heavily depends on many various circumstances.

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