A mobile app is always tailored to a specific mobile platform or OS, and may meet the needs of various industries, from entertainment all the way to ecommerce.

Well developed mobile apps are diverse in functionality and rich in features, which makes them appropriate for a medley of user tasks. Developing such an app implies very complex work, though.

In order to get a high quality and easy to use app, you need an entire team of development engineers. This is why the best way you can choose is working with a team of pros.

Mobile App Types

All mobile apps can be broken down into two categories:

  • Apps for internal use intended for optimizing workflows, streamlining team collaboration, and facilitating communication
  • Apps for customers aimed at marketing, which help the customer get to know the product, while also providing them with some perks, e.g. loyalty bonuses
Mobile App

Steps to Develop a Mobile App

Creating a mobile app includes a few steps:

  • Planning: An app map that comprehensively visualizes all product features
  • Design: Designing various concepts for all user scenarios
  • Development: Using state-of-the-art technologies to create the app
  • Testing: Detecting and fixing bugs
  • Release: Publishing the app in AppStore and/or Google Play
  • Support: Maintaining the project and implementing updates, if required

Why Choose Digex Co. for Mobile App Development?

Working with Digex Co. provides you with many advantages, here are just a few:

  • Tailoring everything to your needs
  • Ensuring maximum cost effectiveness
  • Best in class design
  • Outstanding support

How We Work

We always comply with our customers’ requirements, which means once the costs and the deadline are agreed upon, they won’t change.

What we offer:

  • State of the art solutions following the latest trends
  • Top quality content
  • Modern design
  • Reliable testing
  • Joining the project even at its final stage
  • Maintenance and support

How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost?

The cost is calculated on a case by case basis depending on the requirement complexity, additional requests, and many other conditions.

Once your mobile app has been developed and properly tested, we will publish it on Google Play and AppStore.

Our team is extensively experienced in software engineering and designing and running both automation and manual QA. We are also knowledgeable in mobile and web development and can assist you with cloud migration. This is just a fraction of a medley of digital and IT services we offer.