The user interface is the window the world looks through to discover your brand and product. By understanding human behavior, it is the key to achieving an exceptional user experience.

Digex Co. specialists offer user interface design (UX/UI) services, graphic design for products created from scratch, as well as UI/UX enhancements, design of existing digital products.

Trust us to create an intuitive, engaging design for the end users of your app.

UI design example in Figma:

UI design example in Figma


Digex Co. offers:

  • Audit, Analysis
  • User interface framework
  • Interactive prototypes
  • User experience on different devices
  • Mobile UX / UI services
  • Adaptation for different devices


Due to the fact that online communication is an integral component of any marketing strategy, tools such as online marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, e-commerce, and social media are now the primary concern behind online communications. Hence, in such an era, there is a demand for the right tool to create an effective web application design using UX / UI technologies.


When it comes to user interface development for mobile apps, Digex Co. follows industry-specific best practices. We empower you with the most effective approaches to app user behavior. Digex Co. provides the best conceptual UX / UI for your digital needs.

UX / UI for mobile applications


At Digex Co. we plan, develop and implement user interfaces for mobile applications, consumer products and solutions for corporate (GUI) and industrial (HMI) use. In today’s globalized competition, it is no longer enough to offer products with cutting edge technology and high quality to retain customers. The success or failure of a product largely depends on its positive user experience.

Thus, we combine intelligent user interface design with effective usability design, inspiring interaction design such as gesture and voice control, exceptional quality and emotionality design with product functionality and design. We create valuable and quality products that meet your company’s standards and goals as well as your brand image.

Digex Co. with its experienced team of efficient developers will strengthen your UI / UX design concepts to support your business. We will help you defend your core values and achieve your goals with interactive, attention-grabbing designs.

We will help you develop UX that can revolutionize your business.

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Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help you!




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