Web apps are a very important part of most today’s online businesses. Any company that markets its services over the web either has such an app or is eager to have one.

A web app is a valuable resource that provides various solutions to a medley of business tasks.

What Are Web Apps?

Simply put, they are numerous parts of various websites.

For instance, online stores, booking services, social network websites, and some online business options are basically web apps.

Steps to Develop a Web App

  • Collect and analyze data
  • Create a prototype and get a tech description for it
  • Design the app
  • Create layout
  • Do the coding
  • Test the app, fix the bugs, and launch it
  • Maintain and optimize the app on a regular basis

There may be some additional steps, in case the app is more complex or requires multiple features.

Let’s now talk about each step in a bit more detail.

Gathering and Analyzing Information

One cannot design and develop an app without prior gathering some data.

What are these data about? This includes information on the target audience, potential competition, and the way the app will be used. This is the basis of any app development project one can’t skip in any way.

Сбор информации и её анализ

Creating a Prototype and Tech Description

Разработка прототипа. Техническое описание

For any step of the development project, one does need technical documentation, which includes such requirements as the tech stack being used (programming languages, CMS’s, and more), features, development stages, etc.

Once the documentation is ready, we need a prototype or a mockup for any website page. At this stage, images and logos may not yet be included.

This will, however, include the information on how the website or the web app should look like. It is up to you whether to provide your own prototype or have us design one for you based on your requirements.


The designer now comes into play: they will be visualizing the project structure. Naturally, they will use the graphic elements provided, such as images, buttons, fonts, colors, and logos.They will then design each and every page individually.

Once the design has been ready, we send it to the customer for review and approval.

Веб дизайн



Now we need to actually build what the designer has created. This will require using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and, sometimes, various frameworks such as React.js, if this is about a complex project.


We are now ready to deliver HTML and other files to the developer.

The developer will either use a CMS to complete the coding or develop both back end and front end from scratch.


Testing, Bug Fixing, and Launch


Finally, we need to test the app or service before it goes live. The web pages are meticulously scanned for any possible bugs or issues, which also includes UI testing.

Besides, most web apps should work cross platform, which means we must test them against both desktop and mobile.

The code is also reviewed, making sure it meets the most strict quality standards.

Once all bugs have been fixed, the project is deployed to the production environment and tested once again.

Maintenance and Optimization

We are not done yet! In order for the web service to work properly and drive revenue for you, we need to maintain it on a regular basis.

This is why we will be always in touch with you making sure that everything is working just as planned and you are fully satisfied with our product. In case any tweak is needed, we’ll be right there to assist you!

Why Us?

How Much Would a Web App Cost?

This will depend on:

  • How complex the project is
  • What kind of features you need
  • What you need the web app for
  • And many more things

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