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Our leadership
Elena worked as an attorney continuously for the last 19 years.

Fourteen of these she was employed by big companies as the legal department head in corporate group Lesaffre, «Executive Company Rudgormash», «Executive Company ConsultGroupBusiness», as deputy director of the legal firm «Kentavr». Another 5 years, she worked in a municipal service as a legal and staff expert. Primary field — legal acts and regulations.

Elena graduated from Voronezh State University with a degree in law. She also acquired advanced training in Foundations of Digital Safety, Practical Solutions in Project Management, The National and Local Government Reforms, Foundations of Encryption and CIPF Regulations, and in the field of public procurement.

She specializes in contract development, both domestic and international, contractual schemes and regulations for business management, law expertise, and deal support, including on digital marketplaces. She is also engaged in intellectual property registering and representing companies before government regulators and in court.

She acquired extensive experience in the management and protection of rights and interests of companies in the digital sphere, joining Digex Co. in 2021. She was attracted by the opportunity to perfect her skills and knowledge in the company and achieve greater results with Digex Co.

Elena Khomyakova

Digex Co. Attorney
Strategic planning, information system management, cost control, and reporting are all within her sphere of responsibility.
Chief Financial Officer

Elena Kornya

Yury Akinin

Yury Akinin is the CEO of Digex Co., a transnational IT company offering premium IT services across the globe.
Chief Digital Officer