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Our leadership

Elena Kornya

Elena Kornya holds a post of Digex Co.’s CEO and CFO.

Strategic planning, information system management, cost control, and reporting are all within her sphere of responsibility.

She also contributes to tax planning, tax mitigation, and internal corporate control. Elena is also involved in many HR tasks.

Her cumulative professional experience exceeds 11 years. Before joining Digex Co., Elena held CFO positions in Binwell (software development and advanced technologies vendor) and Quantori Russia (Life Sciences & Healthcare Digital IT Solutions), where she got acquainted and worked with Yuri Akinin. That’s when a decision to join Digex Co. full time was made.

Elena is a professional economist, she graduated from Voronezh State Academy of Technology with graduate specializations of Banking and Finance, and Accounting, Analysis, and Audit.
Chief Financial Officer
Digex Co. Генеральный директор
Elena Homyakova
She specializes in contract development, both domestic and international, contractual schemes and regulations for business management, law expertise, and deal support, including on digital marketplaces.
Chief Digital Officer
Yury Akinin is the CEO of Digex Co., a transnational IT company offering premium IT services across the globe.
Yury Akinin
Maxim Emuranov
Chief Operating Officer
Maxim was the Head of Workforce Planning and Management in Quantori, an American software developer for the pharma and healthcare industries.