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Кейс Digex Co. Сбермаркет
Mortgage Automation and Gray Zone Testing
Кейс Digex Co. Сбермаркет
Mortgage Automation and Gray Zone Testing
Mortgage automation and gray zone testing for Ak Bars Bank
2021 – present
Ak Bars Bank
Ak Bars Bank is registered at the Central Bank of Russian Federation and has been on the national market since 1993.

The bank owns all banking licenses available in Russia and offers 100+ services for corporate and private customers in over 220 branches all over the country. Major exporters of the Tatarstan, and companies from oil & gas, petrochemical, machine building, telecommunications, construction, chemical, transportation, trade and agricultural industries are among Ak Bars clients.
50 bln rubles of paid-in nominal capital guarantee the bank’s stability. Own capital of the company reaches 76 bln rubles as of January 1, 2022.
About the Client
faster processing of mortgage applications
regression tests of the custom grey zone conducted monthly
4 000+
faster processing of requests for payment documents verification
Facts and figures
mortgage applications are registered monthly
1 000+
apps are used by Ak Bars Bank employees to process mortgage applications
less update bugs in mobile apps and the website grey zone
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