Digex Market is an innovative SaaS solution for mobile sales in Telegram. Our IT product is designed as a chatbot in the messenger for buyers and as a modern web application for sellers. Our zero-code approach means you don’t need any special IT skills to implement, configure, and maintain the system. Digex Market is the perfect example of a product that simplifies and streamlines the sales process, allowing you to focus on what you do best.
The Digex Data Fabric (DDF) system offers a comprehensive range of tools and services within a single, user-friendly interface. Whether you need Data Engineering, Data Management, Data Governance, Data Processing or Data Visualization, including Big Data and Domain Specific Data, DDF has got you covered.
Digex Data Fabric
Merchy by Digex

Digex Co. Solutions

Our ready-to-use IT solutions provide businesses with a competitive edge from day one. The Digex Co. team is passionate about Open Source. We deliver solutions that make a real difference.
Order King

Order King

Experience the ultimate in hospitality services with Order King — the specialized IT system that puts all your HoReCa needs at your fingertips. From efficient communication with customers to additional sales of various services, Order King offers a seamless experience that’s tailored to your every need. With detailed statistics on each user, we provide a personalized approach to each guest, helping you develop loyalty program algorithms and increase the average check of each customer. Our system offers a range of features, including a chat with the administration, a convenient mobile interface, and much more.
Digex Genome Browser

Digex Data Fabric

Digex Market by Digex

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