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Кейс Digex Co. Сбермаркет
Internal Document Management Optimization
Кейс Digex Co. Сбермаркет
Internal Document Management Optimization
Development of an in-house service for bank employees and import substitution of EDM
2022 – present
Alfa-Bank is one of the largest privately-owned banks in Russia that offers a full range of banking services available on the financial market.

Since January 3, 1991, the bank has held a license from the Central Bank of Russia to conduct operations involving money from both individuals and enterprises in rubles and foreign currencies.

Alfa-Bank is registered as a participant in the deposit insurance system and is a prominent player in the securities market.

As of 2021, Alfa-Bank holds the fourth position in terms of assets, with a total of 5 billion rubles. The bank’s services are used by around 22 million individuals and more than 1 million organizations.
With over 500 offices worldwide, Alfa-Bank is considered a systemically important credit organization by the Central Bank of Russia.
About the client
types of processes and approvals are supported by UDMS 2.0
1 200+
documents are in the process of approval daily within UDMS 2.0
350 000+
applications have been integrated with the system
Facts and figures
Alfa-Bank employees are using the updated EDM system
25 000+
Time-to-market has been reduced by 2X with the introduction of CI/CD automation
рост числа проводимых аудитов сотрудниками МАЙ-Foods
Technology stack
  • Platforms
  • Metrics
    Grafana, Prometheus
  • Instruments
    JIRA, Confluence, BitBucke
  • Languages
    Java, JavaScript, Typescript
  • CI/CD
    Docker, Jenkins, Mesos, Marathon
  • Frameworks/Libraries
    React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Typesafe-Actions, Hapi.js, Kerberos, Cypress, Jest
  • Logs
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