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Custom development

We are bringing your ideas to life. Digex Co develops state of the art, technology savvy IT products that help businesses earn more and gain a competitive edge.


Business lags behind competitors due to absence of digitalization and automation of processes.
Legacy systems built on outdated technologies with old interfaces.
High competition in the market forces us to get competitive solutions using IT.
Business lags behind competitors due to absence of digitalization and automation of processes.
Legacy systems built on outdated technologies with old interfaces.
High competition in the market forces us to get competitive solutions using IT.
Are you bursting with ideas for a digital product, but don’t know how to make it a reality? Look no further than Digex Co. Our team of experts can help bring your vision to life. We’ll handle everything from development and testing to implementation, documentation, and quality control. With our help, your idea will become a fully functional digital product.

From idea to ready-to-use product

At Digex Co., we specialize in developing fully operational digital products for businesses of all kinds. From digital assets and educational programs to websites, data storage models, workflow editor systems, and document management portals, we offer a full range of IT apps to solve any task. Our team meticulously details your requirements, handles the full development process, and provides ongoing maintenance.

Turnkey IT solution

If you need digital transformation, automation of business processes, digitization of data and apps, Digex Co. experts are the one you need. We are engaged in digitalization of businesses of all kinds. Our team can also help with optimization of target audience activities, implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms and automation of both internal and external enterprise communications.
We bring business processes to the digital plane, optimize customers' work, and accelerate operational activities.

Business digitalization

For more than 10 years Digex Co. team has been developing the most complex web projects for large businesses. Web services and apps are not anchored to any platform. They don’t require installation on client’s devices. They can work in a hybrid online/offline mode. Personal account, corporate portal, dashboards, ERP — are web apps. They are relevant for any internal and external business processes.

Web development

Mobile services for iOS and Android by Digex Co. attract investments and become regional venture unicorns. Digex Co. mobile apps developers have implemented dozens of projects in B2B and B2C segments in recent years. Our team has been awarded several prizes for creating the best mobile apps. Mobile development is especially relevant for marketplaces, e-comm, and other consumer services.

Mobile app development

Digex Co. pays special attention to easy-to-understand and friendly interface for end users. We write scenarios for product interaction, collect users' feedback, conduct Customer Development, and work with animation. All this makes our products convenient and trendy. Moreover, it increases the attractiveness of the customer’s brand. We always think about ways to improve our product. And we are always on the customer’s side. If we see an opportunity to solve the problem faster and more efficiently, we will offer our ideas.

UI/UX design

Digex Co. can use alternatives for creating digital products. Producing is a modern approach that combines high quality design and implementation of IT solutions. A producer is hired to lead the project starting from the concept to launching. Producer’s goal is to create an outstanding digital product.

Producing as an approach

We’ll give you an independent view of the task, solution options, roadmap, deadlines and budget

Get a quote and product vision for your project