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We offer premium IT services and combine superior technical expertise with personalized approach to increase our customers' business efficiency.

Your business’ digital superiority

Who we are

Digex Сo. is a transnational IT company that offers premium IT services in more than 7 countries around the globe. We enjoy great expertise and experience in FinTech, pharma, e-commerce, retail, insurance, logistics, car, and other industries.
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Personal manager Digex Co.
Professional consulting Digex Co.
Personalized approach Digex Co.
Access to Digex Co. technologies
We conduct on order software development, IT consulting in advanced technology, complex technical tasks, and provide staffing services. You can delegate to us your projects either in part or in full, or manage them with the help of our experts joining your team.

Our services

Staffing services

Our staffers work as part of the customer’s team. You receive an experienced developer with the desired skillset on order. When the job is done, the developer is gone. 80% of our developers possess qualification certificates and prove their competence time and again working on top industry projects.

Custom development

Whether you need to design a new tech solution or customize an existing one, we can do it for you. We offer high flexibility in services and work models, always aligning project variables with the customer’s view. Each of our projects is a turnkey one, carefully planned and divided into stages for better risk and budget management.

Recruitment services

While we work on your project, you might still need outside IT professionals. We will do the recruitment for you, finding job candidates, checking for qualifiers, conducting interviews with industry and tech leads, screening soft skills, and offering jobs to the most suitable candidates.

Market ready solutions

We have our own market ready solutions and SaaS products for business. We also use existing no-code and low-code based solutions, make products, and offer consulting in that sphere: Appian, Tilda, Webflow,, Airtable, Zapier, Zoho, Dialog Flow, and others.

Open source solutions

Digex Co. actively participates in open source projects. We support staffer initiatives and help create their own pet projects. We refine existing open source solutions, retain our own, and offer consulting in that sphere: Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and others.

IT consulting

Make use of our vast experience in IT development for FinTech, FoodTech, e-commerce, logistics, pharma, and other industries. We will conduct an IT audit for your business and provide expert advice on cost cutting, increasing team productivity, and picking a platform for building the solutions you need. We work with React, Angular, Vue, .NET, Python, Java, Kotlin, Node, iOS, Android, K8s, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS, GCP, Yandex, Cloud, OpenStack, and others.
As certified tech partners for leading IT companies, we conduct developments and customer consulting on the highest level.


Finished projects
Certified employees
Years on the market
Satisfied customers
Our company provides high-impact IT products and services since 2009. So far we’ve been able to integrate the most advanced IT solutions, which increased our customers’ efficiency many times over.

Our cases

We’ve developed a system of apps for truck dispatchers, drivers, and customers of the logistics firm. Dispatchers have access to fleet vehicles overview and truck monitoring, the drivers — to truck routing, and customers — to their order status online.


We provide outsource staffers — business analyzers, QA engineers, and .NET developers, who provide the bank with technical support in business digitization and help automatize Ak Bars Bank project proceedings.

Ak Bars Bank

We created a mobile app for purchasing insurance products and filing claims.


We’ve developed FoodTech app «SberMarket» from scratch. We were working with frontend and UI design, set up, and testing of the app.


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We value long-term partnership and are grateful to customers who choose our services time and again.

Our partners

For many years, Digex Co. has received much gratitude and many awards for our work.

Our awards

Microsoft Partner Awards 2019
Digex Co. won the Russian national phase of Microsoft Partner Awards in the category Best Mobile Application Developer
Microsoft MVP 2019
Digex Co. became Most Valuable Professional MVP Mobile application development and DevOps.
Microsoft Partner Awards 2017
Digex Co. won the Microsoft Partner Awards in the category Mobile Application Developer.
Golden App – 2015
The app «Intouch.Marathon» became a winner in the Cars category.
We value our customers’ opinions and are truly grateful for their high praises of our company.

Customer reviews