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About us
Digex Co. – IT partner for your business.
We combine thoughtful advisory and custom IT solutions to accelerate your workflows through digital transformation and help you earn more.

years in IT industry, developing IT products for business


completed projects

certified technical experts of different levels: middle+, senior, lead, architect

Digex Co. Services
Use our competencies to achieve competitive edge and success in business
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How We Work
Operating principles that enable Digex Co. to contribute to its clients’ success
We develop Code and Address Business Challenges of Our Clients
  • We tackle non-IT tasks:
    • Explore the market and the regulations impacting the client’s business
    • Create focus groups
    • Interview product users
  • We get deeply engaged into each project
    • Develop an IT product concept, perform analytics
    • Participate in your planning briefs
    • Maintain close 24/7/365 contact with the client
By offering efficient IT solutions to develop our clients’ business, we develop as well.
Utmost Technical Expertise
    • Expert levels from middle+ to team lead and architect, with 6+ or 8+ years of experience
    • Every Digex Co. expert is responsible for the code they develop
    • We only work with a well developed code base that is easy to understand
    • We guarantee the highest data security in our applications
    • We employ industry best practices based on an advanced technology and solution stack
    • We invest in our teams: regular technical reporting and industry specific training (100% expenses covered)
    • Stringent shortlisting of candidates: only 1 out of 100+ is hired
Digex Co. is a certified technology partner of the world leading IT companies, which ensures development and client consulting on the highest professional level.
100 % Transparency and Predictability of Work
  • We are absolutely transparent and open, when assembling a team for your project: we are ready for any interviews and technical reviews to prove our competencies.
  • We meticulously unfold every step of the project and take up responsibility, warning the client in advance on different risks and the expected results at all stages of the project, including business analytics, development, implementation of the IT product, and its support.
  • Detailed project documentation is a mandatory deliverable of any completed project: it contains profound information on the development of the product, its structure, and use.
Undocumented software belongs to programmers, not the client.
Our Client Doesn’t Have to Leave Its Comfort Zone
  • We select technologies that align with the client’s business challenges and the existing IT landscape, taking into account their infrastructure and internal team competencies.
  • We use the communication and reporting tools that are preferred by our clients and never force any tool or environment.
  • We share knowledge: write articles, share competencies with the client’s technical team, shoot videos and conduct webinars for product users, as well as the client’s partners or customers.
There’s no vendor lock-in: we provide every opportunity for independent development of the IT solution by the client.
We Engage into a Project At the Idea Stage
    • Realize something is wrong in your business, but can’t exactly define it?
    • See growth opportunities, but don’t know how to trigger changes?
    • See there are bottlenecks in business processes, but can’t find them?
    • Don’t know what tools to employ to perform a non-routine task?
  • We get to know your business
    We will interview users to be, analyze the market, and suggest the best solution.

    We develop a ready to implement concept
    The concept includes all project implementation stages, deadlines, technical architecture, detailed budget, and quote.
Digex Co. is keen on challenging and ambitious projects that seem not so obvious to other IT integrators.