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Use our IT competencies to drive business success and gain a competitive edge.
We take a deep dive into our clients' business processes, problems, and needs to provide tailored solutions. Our focus is on finding the right solution for our clients, not just implementing new technologies. We take full responsibility for all aspects of the project, from realization to implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Legal IT consulting

IT consulting

We offer comprehensive IT consulting services, minimizing risks in software development and licensing, increasing the investment attractiveness of IT products, and expertly crafting business models for websites, marketplaces, financial platforms, and any other software.
IT consulting
Legal IT Consulting
The concept of a non-typical IT solution tailored to the customer's needs
If you have an idea for a digital product, we can help you bring it to life. Our state-of-the-art, technology-savvy IT products help businesses earn more and stay ahead of the competition.

Custom development

At Digex Co., we are passionate about open source solutions. We contribute to multiple open source projects and develop our own solutions. We are experts in open-source systems like Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MongoDb, and more.
Custom development

Open Source solutions

Stand out from the competition with our cutting-edge IT solutions
Open Source Solutions
Our team of experts works seamlessly with our clients as part of their team. We provide highly skilled developers and IT specialists to complete specific projects on time and within budget.


Upgrade to industry-leading practices with our open-source code solutions
We help our clients optimize their IT infrastructure and engage in DevOps best practices. Our team fine-tunes CI/CD workflows, provides technical support and monitoring, and optimizes costs to ensure our clients' success.

IT infrastructure & DevOps

IT Infrastructure & DevOps
We take care of the entire recruitment process, from candidate search to technical interviews with business and technology leads. Our focus on soft skills ensures that we find the right person for the role, benefiting our clients' organizations well into the future. With Digex Co., outsourcing and Staff Augmentation are not necessary.
Boost your reliability and containerization with our cutting-edge Kubernetes technology


Access top-tier IT professionals for any stack or direction with ease
Quick hiring of the best developers and engineers for your project
Achieve legitimate and effective commercial success with our IT product implementation
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