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Our services

We perform custom software development, provide IT consulting on advanced technologies and technical challenges (high load, scaling, and security), and offer staffing services. It is up to you whether to delegate a whole project or its part to us, or invite our experts to join your team and collaborate with them directly.
Business faces a lot of IT challenges that require urgent solutions, while looking for a suitable expert may take too long. Development of digital products, software customization and business process streamlining improve efficiency and increase company profits. Our teams have been successfully dealing with these for years, so trust us to do the job instead of spending months looking for the right people.


We are ready to take care of all IT tasks that are essential for your company. You do not have to recruit, train, and onboard the staff, while your business and all the IT processes operate smoothly and without delays. Digex Co. expert support gives you peace of mind about the competency of our experts and the quality of services provided.


We can assess skills and competencies of your existing staff, and help you gather a dream team for achieving your business goals.
After the competency assessment, we will assist you in creating a professional development plan for your employees. We will also help you streamline their work to achieve your business goals in the most efficient way. A perfect combination of the existing resources, outsourcing, and contractor services is the key advantage of this approach.

Staff Augmentation

Digex Co. will gather a team of experts that will work on your project as a structural unit of your company, while we will take care of technical management and rotation.
You set the goals and tasks for your business, and we help you achieve them. If you launch a long-term project that implies close and constant cooperation with other business units, but you are short of high-qualified staff and do not want to engage into temporary employment, this is a perfect option for you.

Dedicated Team or Engineering Dep

If you have a concept of a digital product, but no idea how to implement it, inviting an expert team from Digex Co is probably the best you can do. We will create for you an IT product from scratch, including development, testing, implementation, documentation, and final checks. We will turn your idea into a digital reality.

Custom Development

Our expert teams develop digital products that are ready for use: digital assets, educational programs, web-sites, data storage models, business process editing systems, document management portals, etc. We develop a complete set of IT applications for the tasks set. We define the requirements to the greatest detail, and then develop and support the product that satisfies them.

End-to-End Development of Digital Products

We develop the user interface of your digital product, because usability is just as important as appearance. UI/UX design contributes to the achievement of your business goals, because it improves user experience and customer satisfaction.

UI/UX Design

Producing is a modern approach to development of complex digital products, that combines high quality of development and implementation. The project is assigned to a “producer” that manages the project from concept development to implementation with a view of creating an extraordinary digital product.

Producing Digital Products

We start working on your project and can help you hire your own IT staff, if the need arises. We will support you at every step of the way, including skill check, technical interview with business and technology leads, soft skill screening, and even offer development.


Our recruiting experts will take care of talent acquisition per your requirements and needs. We have a long and successful record of searching for, interviewing, and onboarding the talents. We can help you to find a new member of your team without outsourcing and staff augmentation.


We can analyze, find, and implement the IT solutions for the tasks of your business, be it digitalization or streamlining, UX/UI, cloud technologies, business or data analytics or another IT product for solving the tasks of your business. Digex Co can also take care of everything required for implementation, deployment, and trouble-free operation of the IT product.

IT Consulting

DevOps means system automation that minimizes the complexity of IT solution development. Do you have developers, testers, and operational solutions to deploy, but do not know how to put it all together? Then DevOps will rid you of potential issues during the development and implementation of IT products. We will help you save your material resources: time, money, and talents.

DevOps and SRE

We can develop a e-document system, front end apps, and data storage systems with precise access control to streamline your teamwork and minimize data leakage risks both inside and outside the company. We are a certified partner of Google, Microsoft, and Yandex, which is a great help for start-ups and media campaigns. We will help you gather all the required services to attain your goals efficiently from the point of view of financial investments, and development resources.

Cloud Engineering

Should you require digital transformation, business process automation, or data and application digitalization, our experts are happy to help. We digitize businesses of any scale and can help you effectively target your audience, implement AI algorithms, and automate both internal and external communication.
We will help you digitize your business processes, streamline and accelerate operation.

Digital Transformation

Our team of experts is ready to develop services, applications, and websites that require no installation: Internet access is the only thing they need to open, but can also operate offline. Company websites, accounts, corporate portals, dashboards, and ERP are all web applications that play an important role in internal business processes of any company.
Also, we can develop desktop applications for your company to simplify the internal flow and interaction with customers. All applications are developed on the basis of your requirements, there are no out of the box solutions, so the functionality is almost unlimited.

Web Application Development

If your business means working with large datasets, we are ready to help you streamline data storage management regardless the scale and focus of your business. Our experts use different tools, approaches and methods to process both structured and unstructured data to be able to use these data to solve internal and external tasks of your business. Data analytics is now used in different spheres, including medicine and agriculture. The analysis results can be used in decision making in management, marketing, and other spheres of your business.

Big Data, Data Storage, ETL Technologies

Efficient business control requires Business Intelligence (BI) – collection, storage, and analysis of data on business operations with real-time display of complex business indicators for more successful decision making. You will be able to develop your own KPIs, analyze market trends, improve compliance and optimize all sides of your business. Business Intelligence will improve your results and profit. Digex Co experts will make your business even better.

Business Intelligence

Development of a simple, attractive and user-friendly interface of an IT product to increase conversion and simplify user interaction. We combine aesthetics and consistency to accelerate product development, testing, and launch. We create attractive, user-friendly and errorless interfaces with full path testing and help you find a type of interface that solves the task and doesn’t add complexity.

User Interface and User Experience Design

Digex Co offers full legal support. Our legal experts have a strong record in IT and can support you with any questions related to corporate intellectual property protection, deal closing, contract signing, documentation, development of NDA and other documents for the personnel of IT companies. We can render support at any stage of your project: from concept creation to plan development and obtaining the desired result. By obtaining full legal support of your company you achieve peace of mind about any legal aspects of your business.

Legal Services

We protect your critical systems, networks, digital programs and private data of your company from digital attacks. In addition to attack investigation, protection of the system, threat detection and mitigation, our experts will help you recover in case the attack is successful. With Digex Co your company has nothing to worry about in terms of security.


Business Analysis (BA) collects and analyzes data to improve the existing business processes. Unlike BI, BA uses analytical data to develop strategies that impact future operations. It helps to improve performance of the existing systems that require changes. We decompose your issue into blocks and define system requirements, so that you could figure out what exactly is needed, control operation of the system and compile the necessary documentation. This is a full structural analysis of your business.

Business Analysis

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Modern day reality requires fast business solutions and even faster implementation. To accelerate SaaS products and websites development, we offer no-code and low-code products that help us solve your task in record-breaking time.

Market-ready solutions

We develop mobile and web applications that require no installation and can be consumed on a subscription basis. Our teams can develop CRM and document flow systems, website builders, and other products. Moreover, we ensure their uptime and trouble-free operation.

SaaS Development and Products

Should you urgently require a site for the company or a task, we can easily develop a no-code site for your business. A few days, and you’ll be able to find potential customers, sell products and subscriptions, conduct surveys, demonstrations, and much more.

No Code Web Sites and Landing Solutions

Development of customized websites on a low-code platform. This is a good way to accelerate website launch, optimize costs and minimize the support staff.

Customized Low Code Web Design

Appian Digex Co.
Tilda Digex Co.
Webflow Digex Co.
Monday Digex Co.
Zapier Digex Co.
ZOHO Digex Co.
Dialogflow Digex Co.
Digex Co and its team contribute greatly to the open source projects. We support the initiative and help our staff to develop their own pet projects. We finalize the existing open source solutions, develop our own ones and actively consult on Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MongoDb, and other technologies.

Open source solutions

OSS expert support will make open source implementation most profitable for your business. Digex Co. teams have been implementing ambitious open source solutions for over 10 years. Our record includes tens of successful integrations of open source code into digital systems of any scale.

Deployment of Open Source Code

Linux Digex Co.
Openstack Digex Co.
Kubernetes Digex Co.
Postgre SQL Digex Co.
MongoDB Digex Co.

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