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Кейс Digex Co. Сбермаркет
Digitalization of clinical trials and oncology treatment
Кейс Digex Co. Сбермаркет
Digitalization of clinical trials and oncology treatment
Automation of interaction with cancer patients
Otsuka Pharmaceutical
2012 – 2014
One of the largest Japanese pharma holdings. Otsuka Pharmaceutical became 562nd in the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world’s largest public companies in 2021.
The company is engaged in production of various drugs and medical equipment. And it also works in related sectors: cosmetics, food, drugs clinical trials.
Otsuka Pharmaceutical became famous for production of nutraceuticals, as well as Pocari Sweat, popular soft drink for athletes, and Oronamin C, energy drink.
About the client
patients of oncology clinics in Japan received treatment and improved their medical condition
doctors used the IT solution for onco treatment
3 000+
cut the duration of clinical testing for new onco drugs
Facts and figures
researchers accelerated development of onco drugs
1 500+
medical centers adopted the system to treat their patients
comprehensive solution for digital transformation of onco treatment and clinical testing
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