Outsource and outstaff means providing our most precious resource. And the most valuable thing for us is our teams, brains and skills.. When you need specific knowledge set for a certain period of time, the outstaff team is a win-win solution , the outstaff comes in handy. And if your business is not about IT but you need IT support for more flexible dialog with your client – here outsource will help.

These services are in high demand. They decrease the expenses. It is cheaper than a full-time IT team. You do not pay for sick days, vacations and insurance. The outsourcer is responsible for all benefits.

Outsource and outstaff means delegating responsibility for IT solutions. All tasks are completed by true experts. You don’t have to be worried by IT stuff. This gives maximal concentration, efficiency and accuracy of your work.

We are the true experts in IT outsource and outstaff. Our specialists are highly competent and competitive. This is the best way to spend your work hour developing your business, not asking for IT help from strangers. If you don’t mind how to launch an IT solution for your business, just contact us.
IT outsourcing and outstaffing
Frontend is the first impression of your product. The product’s functionality is an affair of Backend. Frontend is carried out through 3 stages: prototyping, components implementation and design. Frequently, Frontend developers cooperate with UX/UI designers or have a competence in it.

What is Frontend? This is the interface of your abilities. Frontend code collects the clickable interface ‘bit-by-bit’. All our requests are processed and we get what we want by clicking a button. A well-made Frontend includes: cross-platform capability, UX/UI design principles adherence and stable interface visualizing.

Nowadays Frontend code is usually based in Javascript, Typescript and other similar languages. This includes high agility to be adopted according to the client’s requirements. Also the speed of opening a site is vital. And we remember it.

Just contact us if you want to learn more about Frontend development, how to implement it in your case and how you can start the cooperation with Digex Co.
SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) and DevOps (Development & Operations) are popular practices of IT products optimizing. They are aimed at creating reliable, stable, safe products with scalability.

Despite the strong connection, SRE and DevOps are different things. DevOps determines patterns of interactions for system’s components. However, the implementation itself is up to the developer. SRE includes optimizing philosophy but has stricter requirements to the estimation.

Besides optimizing, they increase data security. The specialists analyze various data leak channels. Then they create a cyberthreat model and learn how to prevent them. Also specialists run pentesting (simulation attacks to app). So, SRE also includes data protection.

SRE optimizes labor intensity. Why should you dig the hole with a stick? There is an excavator. Engineering optimization decreases time and money losses. And this is inextricably bound with DevOps principles: to measure everything and remove organization barriers.

DevOps and SRE are reasonable for different scale projects: both for startups and huge online services and stores. Just contact us if you want to learn more about these spheres and implement such specialists for your project.
SRE & DevOps
QA (Quality Assurance) shows how the product is ready for the release and users. Generally, Quality Assurance is an important part of all business kinds: machinery, catering, restaurants, etc. It is obvious that QA is one of the major parts in IT.

Testing (a part of QA) is oriented in non-processed scripts searching, software failures and vulnerabilities. All the new features should be checked for reliable work and being compatible with the old ones.

Testing can be classified in many ways. The task determines the type of testing for each case. In terms of subject, testing can be manual and automated. Manual testing is completed by a human. Automated one is processed by a program under an engineer’s supervision. QA Engineer makes the testing regulation, registers and analyzes the results and then gives them to the development team.

It is impossible to create a quality project without QA. Users will close an unstable working website. We can provide you QA services for various development stages. Our specialists regularly approve their competency by international certifications. If you need true QA specialists — just contact us.
Software QA Automation
Everybody has permanent access to the internet. Social media, taxi, delivery: all the daily routine is in mobile apps.

Besides daily affairs, mobile apps are a strong communication channel to users.. They make the working process easier. It is made by direct user-app contact. Mobile services do influence the market competitiveness.

The choice of technologies depends on the OS. iOS and Android require different ones. However a multi-OS version helps to increase the outreach.

Mobile development is in high demand nowadays. We see the benefits in these trends to develop your business. We have already completed a lot of successful projects in web development. Our priority is to create a product with a competitive advantage. Just contact us to learn more about the costs, deadlines and details of development.
Mobile App Development
What is a web application? Mass digital transformation moved a lot of current daily stuff to the internet. Trading goes from real life markets and stores to marketplaces. Even the work now can be online and remote. All the services and sites opened by browser are called web applications.

Software life cycle:
  1. Immersion in business context
  2. Collecting & analyzing business requirements
  3. Design
  4. Coding
  5. QA
  6. Release
  7. Support

The list can be wider. It can include MVP and several iterations. Of course, according to specifications, editing and correcting the development cycle. It depends on the difficulty of the project.

Company’s website, personal account, corporate portal, dashboards, ERP – these are business web apps.

Just contact us if you want to upgrade your web-service. Digex Co. creates agile and easy-to-change infrastructure. Also we will support your project after the release.
Do you need a website, service or dashboard? We can do it all: with a cool design and well-adapted components.
Web App Development
Backend is a basis of mechanics and click actions sent from Frontend. The pleasant design and Frontend take their cute data from databases which are fetched by backend and logical computings made by backend functions and classes. Even if you made up a nice picture of your site, it is just a picture without Backend code. All clickable elements, fields and hyperlinks initiate a complicated programming language-based algorithm. The choice of a programming language depends on each case. Our Backend competences:

C# (.NET), JavaScript (node.js, React), Python (Django, Flask), Ruby (Ruby on Rails) and others.

Backend is not just some logical actions. Sending emails, creating statistics, searching some data, protecting your app, fast processing, analyzing user's actions - those are just some interesting cases which the backend can be responsible for. It is a base of IT products.

A well-made Backend is a quality indicator. Errors in code cause financial and reputation loss: both for the client and for the developers.

Any complex project is a lot of small details combined in the right way and Digex Co. knows how to do it right. We are experts in various frameworks and programming languages .
Cloud solutions are one of the most forward-looking things. Manufacturing infrastructure, client services, management tools: all that can be transferred from a physical server to a remote (cloud) one.

Digital workflow systems, client apps, data storages with a strict access hierarchy – all that is based on cloud technologies.

What benefits do they give to the business? All the workflow is in rapid access. You don’t have to look for some papers on giant shelves. You don’t have to pay for the electricity to support 24/7 server work. This is all for cloud providers. Nobody will peek at a colleague's contract left by an accountant somewhere accidentally. The e-version of a document has hierarchical access. And it is available anytime and anywhere via any device. Even if you woke up in the middle of the night to check your report. You can do it on your phone without getting up from the bed.

Cloud technologies are in a high demand in all business spheres. They make the working process easier and more efficient, minimize the risks and increase data security.

If you are not sure if you need cloud technologies – just contact us. We will provide you with the consultation about them. We regularly increase our competence level in all our spheres.
Cloud Solution Development
Agile methodologies demonstrate the positive dynamics on the whole software life cycle. That explains their popularity during the last decades. The product is made in an iterative way. It means that each new version has new features. The old ones are being tested. That makes the code base holistic and actual. We provide specialists who organize the development process organically and seamlessly.

Unlike the Waterfall model, Agile allows you to return to previous stages easier. This is how Agile helps to fix the issues fast and qualitatively.
Agile optimization is useful for teams with different experience. Startups can get an efficient work process and set up internal relations among team members. To implement our Agile specialists means to increase your efficiency and profitability in the long term.

Our Project Managers and Scrum Masters have a common language with all our clients. They implement Agile, Scrum and Kanban in various projects and teams. What’s more, they improve productivity and impact. To learn more, just write or phone us.
Agile, Scrum, Kanban
Business digitalization is the integration of IT technologies in common processes. It increases efficiency, competitiveness and profit level to make your business more client-focused. It is a necessity for all of us. We can see it both in the global market and in internal ones all over the world.

How long ago did you order a taxi via telephone number? How many advantages do delivery services give? You don’t have to leave your office for lunch. This is how mass business digitalization works.

However, it is not restricted by daily affairs. It includes optimizing internal processes: management, communications, workflow, marketing, HR, etc. You don’t have to go to the HR department to take time off. You can take it via a special app. You don’t have to send them to another office. You can use electronic signatures. Business digitalization is not only about new sales numbers. It is also optimizing your business processes.

It can cause many questions to learn how to digitize your business. We will answer all your questions, just call. Let’s make your business more profitable and efficient.
Business Digitalization
Business and data analysis is a part of the IT product life cycle. Business analysis connects the client and the development team. Data analysis helps to deal with big data massives. It is especially useful for market research.

These services are in high demand. When everyone understands each other — this is an achievement of a Business Analyst. The risk estimation before the solution is a result of Data Analyst actions.

Multi-professional analysis is vital for all IT projects. A reliable channel between professionals and operational data processing increases coherence and efficiency to make the work easier.

Digex Co. has prospective data and business analysis specialists. If you want to upgrade the communication and implement professional data processing and analysis — just contact us. Our specialists will do their best.
Business and Data Analytics
IoT (Internet of Things) is a concept of data network among physical objects (things). They are connected with each other and environment. Basically, it is the creation of new gadgets to use the Internet’s advantages beyond your PC.

Nowadays IoT is a daily affair. It includes leisure and security. Rolex has been almost replaced by Apple Watch. Smart speakers, doorbells, watches, home appliances – these are the examples of IoT in daily life. Taken together with cloud technologies, IoT is not only a convenient technology, but also a safe one .

What’s more, IoT can be implemented in business processes. Smart power grids, plants, GPS-marketing, industrial internet: these are the real business cases.

We keep the finger on the pulse of this popular technology. Digex Co. has a real experience of IoT implementation in various industries. IoT remains interesting for all sorts of business. If you have any questions about this trend or if you want to implement it — just contact us.
Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting
UX/UI design is all about creating a . native and user-friendly interface. Its aim is increasing conversion and simplification between user and product.

What does it mean? UX stands for user's experience. This is how the user interacts with your product. It also includes architecture and psychology. UI is the user interface, the visual external part. So, UX/UI design creates a clear, ergonomic interface which attracts users by the action triggers.

One more important part is simplicity of interaction. UX/UI is a thing which always follows your user. The better it is organized, the higher the conversion is higher. For example, the user prefers online stores with well-made design and interface to unclear ones.

Nowadays UX/UI specialists are in a high demand. These guys will draw the attention of a user and then lead through the whole sales chain. We implement our client’s wishes about design of any difficulty according to your requirements. Just text us or phone to discuss the details.
It is impossible to imagine IT without legal provision. The information law regulates business processes of IT-involved enterprises both in international and local markets.

Why lawyer is necessary in IT

Legal support is not all about intellectual property protection which is an immediate answer. Each deal, contract, agreement, documents development requires legal provision and review. Otherwise, the business is fraught with enormous financial and reputation losses.

For example, an electronic signature. Many business representers are not sure if it is legitimate to use it. Here there must be a legal alignment of each case.

From smaller to larger: NDA, employment contracts and other internal documents must be done maximally effectively and professionally. Obviously, the documents must be created correctly. What is more, they must also be convenient and comfortable both for employees and employers.

Copyright protection is one of the most common cases in information law. Unfortunately, content and software piracy still remain an actual problem of the Internet. However, when the true law guru, the issue can be addressed by extrajudicial means.

We provide the further IT legal services, here are some of them:

  • Benefits for IT companies legal consulting
  • Contracts development (including international and contractual schemes, agreements, rules, manuals, legal support of IT-contracts)
  • ‘Turnkey’ business models for IT projects creation
  • Deals legal support including electronic platforms communication and workflow
  • Pretrial and trial settlement of disputes in IT sphere
  • Intellectual property protection
  • IT-lawyer

The latest service actually includes all the previous ones. Our lawyer provides complex services in legal support. We have 18 years of experience in IT legal provision: there are plenty of won cases and successful deals. If you choose Digex Co., you will get a perfectly smoothed legal provision based on long experience.
IT Legal Services
Cybersecurity audit is the main service to secure your product. It includes analysis of data integrity, privacy and access. We create models of identifying cyberthreats to search for security leaks: both technical and organizational. After that we make a safe system interaction model, test and support it. Basically, we take care of your data.
The service is for all kinds of enterprises. Data leaks and DDos attacks result in money and reputation losses.

A safe system decreases the risk of SQL injections, DDos-attacks and other cyberthreats. It means a reliable and workable product. The risk of internal threats is minimized by Kubernetes – a container orchestration system. It regulates user roles, rights and degrees of access.
We are not just creating a safe system. Our main principle is the economical evaluation of security investment. It must not be more expensive than potential losses. This helps to free the assets and invest them in other vital needs.

Nowadays, cybersecurity audits are one of the most requested services. The world is changing, so do the cyberthreats. Outdated measures which used to be actual now can be worthless. Digex Co. will help you to get rid of stress about your data.
Cybersecurity Audit