Digex Co. offers a wide range of IT-services for your business

We use state-of-the-art technology, combining IT with the extensive experience and proficiency of our engineers

  • Business and data analytics
    Gathering data and leveraging its benefits puts new demands on the analytical capabilities of companies.
  • Agile development services
    With a clear vision for your next project – and no time to waste, Digex Co. uses compact, cross-functional teams to move Agile development projects forward quickly while avoiding wasteful practices.
  • Back End
    Without a proper back-end solution, the software will not work the way the user expects it to work.
  • Web App Development
    Digex Co. will develop any web service or app you like, as per your requirements and needs.
  • Manual Software Testing
    Manual Software Testing includes creating user scenarios and test cases, which are then run manually in order to detect potential defects.
  • Cloud Transformation and DevOps
    DevOps is a software engineering methodology that enables continuous development and integration approach in a cloud based environment.
  • Mobile App Development
    Digex Co.’s seasoned pros are experienced in developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android based on the most advanced technologies.
  • Software QA Automation
    QA automation enables testing your software in an automated mode, without any need to do it manually.
  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
    SRE and DevOps are indispensable for any company promoting its services over the web.