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Кейс Digex Co. Сбермаркет
Digital Transformation of FMCG Merchandising Audit in Retail
Кейс Digex Co. Сбермаркет
Digital Transformation of FMCG Merchandising Audit in Retail
Digital transformation of merchandising audit in retail for a FMCG supplier
2017 – 2021
MAY-Foods is one of the largest food producers in Russia, among TOP 2 of the national tea market. The company owns a number of well-known brands in the country and has a well-developed distribution network that covers all regions of the country. MAY-Foods products are distributed via eight logistics hubs in key Russian regions.

A distributed network of MAY-Foods affiliates exports the company’s products to over 40 countries all over the world. The company partners with the leading transnational retail and restaurant chains.
About the client
employees nationwide use the IT system on a daily basis
3 400
POS in Russia are registered in the system
150 000+
types of goods in RF stores audited by MAY-Foods teams every day
2 000+
Facts and figures
abuses of authority by MAY-Foods merchandise agents detected and remedied during the solution’s lifetime
10 000+
transparency of merchandising audits for the client
more audits conducted by MAY-Foods teams
The Technology Stack
  • Platforms
    Android, iOS, Web
  • Analytics
    Firebase, Crashlitics, Adjust, Yandex Metrika, Azure Application Insight
  • Tools
    JIRA, Confluence, Github, Zeplin, Trello
  • Frontend
    .Net MVC Razor pages, VueJs
  • Backend
    .Net Core 3.1
  • Languages
    Java, Objective-C, Kotlin, Swift, C#, JavaScript
  • CI/CD
    Bitrise, GithubActions,
    Azure DevOps
  • Testing
    Charles, Fiddler
  • Infrastructure
    Selectel, Azure: Storage, Blob, Queue, Functions, WebApps, Load Balancer
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